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Also called Terms of Service

1. We do not tolerate spam or any inappropriate or illegal material. Any account used to spam other members WILL BE DELETED AND NO REFUNDS ON ANY BALANCE! PERIOD! Email will be permanently blocked from accessing our site.

2. Ads are posted for up to 14 days. Longer than any other public posting site. Ads not renewed will be deleted when they expire.

3. Renewing any ad before it expires will be posted for 2 to 14 days depending on account and will be moved back to top of page.

4. Editing any ad will not be given a new post date.

5. Ads that are expired will be deleted by ackino.com.

6. All messaging will be through our message center. Up to 10 pictures can be sent through our messaging center. We are not responsible for any communication where you give our your personal information like phone number, address, or email, etc.

7. Messages are stored in our database for up to 3 months. After 3 months, messages will be automatically deleted.

8. You will receive an email automatically when someone sends you a message through our messaging center. Then you log on to read and reply to it.

9. You will receive an email whenever a new ad is posted in a category that you are interested in. You may change your email settings at any time.

10. By signing up on this website you agree to our terms of membership and agree not to abuse our terms of service.